since March 21, 2006

Race Schedule         Task List (crew access only)
2019 Ballard Cup III, Race 2
Ballard Cup II, Race 6
Ballard Cup II, Race 5
Ballard Cup II, Race 4
Ballard Cup II, Race 3
Ballard Cup II, Race 2
Leukemia Cup
Ballard Cup II, Race 1
Ballard Cup I, Race 5
Ballard Cup I, Race 4
Ballard Cup I, Race 1
Blakely Rock
Snowy Airloom
2018 Haulout Day Three
Haulout Day Two
Haulout Day One
Getting it's green on
Prep for the new Green
Foulweather Bluff
Rum Run
Shaw Island
Ballard Cup II, Race 5
2017 Fall Regatta
Foulweather Bluff
Foulweather Bluff Delivery
New Number One
Blakely Rock
2016 TransPuget
Ballard Cup II-5
Ballard Cup II-4
Ballard Cup I-2
Blakely Rock
2015 Christmas Party
Ballard Cup III-5
Ballard Cup III-3
Friday Fun Sail
Ballard Cup II-5
Ballard Cup II-2
Ballard Cup II-1
Leukemia Cup
Ballard Cup I-4
Ballard Cup I-1
Protection Island
Blakely Rock
Practice Day
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Airloom is a 40 foot sailboat owned and operated by Tim and Cherie Morgenroth and moored in Seattle Washington. Tim and Cherie enjoy cruising the San Juan islands in their beautiful Airloom, and also racing the boat - mostly in local buoy races, but also in longer races from time to time. Airloom races out of Sloop Tavern Yacht Club, and also participates in races sponsored by other yacht clubs. Despite being designed primarily as a cruising boat, Airloom often wins her races. There is speculation that this is because of her extraordinary crew (and a beautiful new coat of bottom paint again this year).

How to tie a Bowline

Tuesday 7th in 48 North's top 25 sailboats of 2007   2006